Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10 ways development NGOs can support family farmers

10 Development Innovators give recommendations as to how best to support family farmers:

1.  Recognize the different types of family farmer:

2.  Invest in education and training

3.  Create incentives for younger generations

4,  Prepare for uncertainties

5.  Don’t throw tech innovations at a problem

6.  Promote diversification for sustainable futures

7.  Identify suitable methods of financial inclusion

8.  Promote women’s empowerment

9.  Tackle food security and conservation together

10.  Make smallholders central to policy

10 ways development NGOs can support family farmers | Global Development Professionals Network | Guardian Professional:

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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Multifaceted Fahamu Offers Useful Courses

Fahamu offers a range of courses for activists, from "Human Rights" to "Fundraising and resource Mobilization"

As part of its mission to build the capacity of African human rights and social justice movements, Fahamu develops training materials and runs courses, including by distance learning. The following distance learning courses are currently available for application, please contact us for more information.

Fahamu courses | Fahamu:

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Movement Building Boot Camp | Fahamu

Fahamu hosts a site that seeks to promote social justice

"The Movement Building Boot Camp for LGBTIQ activists was held during 2011 and brought together a pool of diverse, young, creative and inspirational activists from Anglophone (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) and Francophone (Rwanda, Burundi and DRC) countries in East Africa.

"The MBBC provides existing and emerging activist leadership with conceptual and practical skills to advance the sexual rights agenda in East Africa as part of a broader agenda for human rights and progressive social transformation."
Movement Building Boot Camp | Fahamu:

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