Saturday, November 08, 2014

International Medical Corps is in South Sudan as well.

International Medical Corps is currently monitoring the evolution of the nutrition crisis in South Sudan. The torrential rains in this region during the months of July and August make roads and rivers impassible, making it even more challenging for aid agencies to provide necessary services. This season comes on the heels of six months of war that has uprooted 1.1 million people. While men, women and children leave their homes in search of safety from violence, they face further dangers such as hunger, disease and other medical concerns. Displaced persons have been unable to plant crops and therefore the country is unable to feed itself. Humanitarian assistance is crucial to the survival of the people of South Sudan; however, access and security concerns to the highest priority areas with little or no nutrition support remains a serious problem. International Medical Corps is working with other UN and NGO agencies to improve access to these areas. 

International Medical Corps has numerous other projects in several other countries around the world. 

Food For The Poor | Help Aid Jamaica Relief Efforts With Your Donation

Jamaica’s economy has been in decline since 1974, when the energy-deficient country was hit hard by a rise in fuel costs. In addition, a worldwide recession reduced foreign demand for Jamaican products.

Jamaica was the first country assisted by Food For The Poor.

Key developments include:

In 2012, the construction of 2,096 housing units

Since inception, over 35,000 houses have been built

The building or renewal of 50 schools in 50 months

Food For The Poor | Help Aid Jamaica Relief Efforts With Your Donation