Friday, August 12, 2005

OURMEDIA : Allowing You To Enhance The Effectiveness Of Your Web Presence

Have you ever wished you could speak to your online audience? Or have you ever wanted to show them pictures or a video of your projects. Perhaps you would like for them to see a video of the construction of the school that your organization is building. Or perhaps you would like to give a walking tour of a community you would like to help.

A picture is worth a thousand words and the spoken word can carry much more emotion than text. But quite often the expense of making audio, graphic or video files available to your audience is beyond your organization's budget.

Well, help is here, is an online community that allows you to share visual and audio files with the World Wide Web.

Ourmedia is free, but you must also register and obtain a free Internet Archive Account, which will store your files. There are instructions on the Ourmedia web site on how to obtain the Internet Archive Account.

I have not fully explored the Ourmedia site but I did sample some of the audio and video blogs that are there. One of the "Audio Bloggers" on Ourmedia is "Raised Voices." This group has posted quite a few testimonies of individuals on current social issues. One of the testimonials is titled "Raised Voices: HIV/AIDS" and addresses the G8 and HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Ourmedia lets you publish Text, Images, Interactive, Audio, Video and Mixed files. So, drop by Ourmedia, put on your "thinking cap" and think about how Ourmedia might help your Organization get its message out.

You can find Ourmedia at:

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