Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Ikonzo Musanda Self Help Group is a Youth Led Global Reach Affiliate that concentrates on issues dealing with Children & Youth and is a member of the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS

Below are there staements on their Mission/Vision, Activities and Opportunities for youth.

To mobilise the rural poor by initiating community projects that address poverty and HIV/AIDS to meet basic needs.These needs are water,education,health, energy, employment,food and security. We aim at collaborating with other organizations both at local and international level in implementing these initiative as a strategy to achieve UN Millennium Development goals(MDG)

What does the organization do?
Implements community projects covering major sectors of our econmomy such health,HIV/AIDS, Education,environmental conservation,water and sanitation,ovc and ICT. We believe in establishing collaborative and partnership initiative with other organizations in achieving our objectives. we collaboratewith KAIPPG International,African regional Youth Initiative,Commonwealth of learning, KEenya organization of Environmental education(KOEE)

Opportunities for Youth
Implements computer for schools in western province to reach the youth as an altimight goal. In collaboration with world computer Exchange(WCE), jOMO Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and Commonwealth of learning (COL) we are donating computers to all schools in Busia District as a strategy to reach the youth in rural areas.

Busia, Western, Kenya

Phone: 2540721405502

Fax: N/A


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Francis Anyona said...

Dear Sir
Thank you for your good work you have done for our organization.We sincerely thank you and we are proud to be associated with your articles.
The organization is currently imlementing a secondary project in close collaboration with Pangea and Grassroot International.With grants from Pangea at the beginning of the year Ikonzo Musanda Self Help Group, established Ikonzo Mixed Day Secondary school to give youth opportunity for secondary education. We admited first form one students and at the moment we have got 34 students in form.
We still require more financial support to build the school.