Thursday, September 21, 2006


Aid Workers Network is a hub for aid workers where questions can be answered, perspectives can be communicated, and where Aid Workers can make connections with people who share similar interests and concerns. Aid Workers Network boasts over 10,000 members, and the state that new members join every week. Because so many Aid Workers come to this web site it provides a wealth of experience that one can access. Because so many Aid Workers face situations and problems that have been encountered and solved by other, Aid Workers Network provides a place where information and experiences can be shared to facilitate the efficacy of aid and relief work.

Aid Workers Network is a FREE service and is supported in part by Oxfam and the British Red Cross and they have over 2500 conversations that can be found in their forum on a large variety of topics of interest to Aid Workers.

The web site also contains Advice Pages that now cover over 50 core topics. The Advice Pages are accessible, no-nonsense guides to the day-to-day field reality relief and development workers face. They also invite participants to share a particular expertise that they may possess. Advice Pages

There is also an Exchange Email Bulletin that delivers what they describe as "punchy articles" from aid workers, that share good practice from the field. The Aid Workers Network encourages contributions to this Bulletin from its readers. Exchange Email Bulletin

Finally, the Aid Workers Network has collected the newest entries from what they believe to be the best aid Blogs worldwide and put them in one place. As with the Bulletins and Advice Pages, Aid Workers Network encourages its readers to identify their own Blogs or identify those that they find interesting. Blogs

Aid Workers Network

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