Monday, January 23, 2006


For those of you who need proof that: "Where There Is A Will, there Is A Way," I would like to introduce you to The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop.

The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote women's empowerment through involvement in the auto-mechanic profession. This may give some pause to those men who do not believe that a woman can find her way around an automobile beyond the accelerator and brake, but Lady Mechanic proves otherwise.

The ultimate focus of the Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop is to "invest in the girl child." this was the vision of Sandra E. Aguebor the initiator of Lady Mechanic. Ms. Aguebor, who is described as a young, dynamic, exemplary and self-driven Nigerian who is the "foremost female auto-mechanic with a rare passion for lifting the fortunes of the women folk through development of the initiative." The Initiative also seeks to democratize the involvement of ladies in the auto-mechanic profession / business.

In 1997, Ms. Aguebor became consistently involved in the exposure and training of hundreds of Nigerian females in the auto-mechanic profession. And since that time, about fifteen ladies have fully undergone the scheme for free. Also, since 1997 the Initiative has won high acclaim and been commended by national and international organizations. The Initiative has also been the subject of much media coverage, both print and broadcast.

The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop's web page states that they have successfully trained three girls, one of whom has her own workshop and the other two are working with reputable organizations.

Currently, 28 girls are in training at the workshop. According to the web site among these 28 girls, some of them were once involved in commercial sex work; others are with school certificates but could not afford to further their education. Some of the women were street vendors such as water hawkers and medicine sellers. Ms. Aguebor was able to talk these ladies into acquiring auto-mechanic skills so that they can live meaningful lives and have a positive impact to themselves and the society.

The Matron of The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop is the wife of the vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria and the founder of WOTCLEF, Her Excelency Chief (Mrs.) Amina Titi Atiku Abubakar (WOTCLEF is the Women Trafficking and Child Labour Eradication Foundation). In addition to Mrs. Abubakar, other Directors are: Ms. Aguebor, Stephenie Feckzo of Carbley's Garage in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S., Senator Daisy Danjuma, Chairman Committee For Women Affairs Member House Of Senate ( FRN), Lucille Treganowan, Transmission Expert and owner of Lucille's Car Care Clinic in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the U.S. (and whom some call the most renowned female mechanic in America ) and Mr. Henry E. Omoragbon, Acting Managing Director AIICO Insurance (Nig.)

Because automobile repair has been a male dominated profession, local and international news and print media have recognized the performance and the quality of work of The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop. Among the Initiatives other clients, they maintain the fleets of vehicles for both BBC and CNN which are located in Nigeria.

The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop's web site says that currently, Ms. Aguebor has plans to travel to Germany for further automobile studies so that she can further train the girls in her program.

The organization makes it very clear that it is interested in partnering with any individuals, or organizations with a commitment to improve the lives of women girls. And for that reason, they have partnered with: WOTCLEF , the National Council of Women Society (NCWS), the Ministry for Women Affairs, Peugeot Automobile, and Nigeria Kaduna (PAN). They say that they "welcome any individual or organizations both local and international to partake in the struggle for women empowerment."

And with their partners they seek to target females with school certificate who do not intend to further their education for any reason, commercial sex workers on the streets, female deportees from abroad who want to re-integrate into the society and married women who intend to acquire mechanical skills. And they hope to soon be able to assist these women in the 36 states of Nigeria and FCT(Abuja).

The Overall Objectives of The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop are:

* To mobilize female participation in auto mechanic profession through seminars, consultations, multi media campaign, workshops, public forum etc.

* To give strong support to the women gender for their rightful places in our male dominated society.

* To minimize poverty level among women through which trained female mechanic will be given micro credit to open their own workshops.

* To reduce the level of prostitution and unemployment among the women population.

* To work and create partnership with major car care owners in the 36 states of the federation and internationally.

* To mobilize and engage multi-sectoral and trans-agency resource providers for the sustenance and holistic development of the struggle for empowerment.

* To promote women productivity and creativity in the society.

* To create auto mechanic apprenticeship and internship programs around Nigeria and the world in general.

* To increase awareness for the use of technology among women.

So, move over guys, the ladies are making their way in the auto repair profession, so wish them Much Success and visit the web site of The Lady Mechanic Initiative Workshop and read about the great work they are doing.


Tony Ellis said...

My name is Tony Ellis Founder of
Cooktsown Classics ( classic Car Repairs ) in dublin Ireland.

I wish Sandra all the very best wishes in the World for her Foresight towards Women in the automotive Business ;

im a little surprised though to see that although She is supported by socalled heavy hitters in the womens help area that She finds herself operating in such dire conditions with her students :

I run a School here for Women and Girls in Basic Car Maintanence etc its not a Non Profit unit but its not supported by any other entity but does have the Safety essentials required So If She Sandra is Promoting the other people on Tv Internet etc the least She should expect from them is the Basics Required to maintain and run a Safe Garage :

As I said Above A great Girl She deserves help :
Thanks Tony ( Dublin )

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