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STAYING ALIVE : Fighting AIDS With Cool Videos And More

I found out about Staying Alive site today because I was notified that Fredrick Ouka, a Local Representative of one of the Nabuur Villages was awarded the sum of $1,000 by Staying Alive to conduct his HIV/AIDS awareness program.

Staying Alive says that it is an "international campaign which provides information on HIV/AIDS prevention and protection, promotes safer lifestyle choices and encourages people to fight the stigma and discrimination which still surrounds the disease."

Staying Alive is actually a a partnership between MTV Networks International, YouthNet spearheaded by Family Health International, the Kaiser Family Foundation, USAID, UNAIDS, UNFPA, The World Bank, DFID, SIDA and other organizations.

This partnership was begun in 1998 when an award-winning documentary about six young people from around the world and how their lives had been affected by HIV/AIDS. Since that time, Staying Alive has expanded to become a global campaign promoting awareness, involvement and tolerance.

A wide range of programmes and public service announcements, documentaries and major concerts are provided free to broadcasters around the world by Staying Alive.

On the Staying Alive website you can also to watch some of the award-winning Staying Alive concerts, documentaries and TV campaigns from around the world. They also encourage broadcasters to request their programming that is available free of charge and rights-free. The email address to contact to request this programming is

In addition to making available video material available on their web site and encouraging broadcasters to use that material, they also encourage bloggers to include the Staying Alive videos on their pages.

Some of the videos available at Staying Alive are:

Transit is Staying Alive's first ever TV film, which premiered on World Aids Day in 2005

Spots 2005
This site contains new spots from around the world, including Brazil, South-Africa, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

The Hands spot is the winner of the Staying Alive- Creative Review competition.

Staying Alive: This is not a commercial
This is Staying Alive's latest production, which features celebrity and real life opinions on some of the most famous and infamous examples of AIDS awareness adverts from around the world over the last 2 decades!

Save The Humans
In this video, the United Nations of Animals debate the future of the human race in 3D animations created for Staying Alive, and which Staying Alive says is "stunning."

Ninja: The Enduring Master
This is another animated spot that was created by MTV China .

PSA Gallery
These are inspiring short films from around the world that Staying Alive encourages Bloggers and webmasters to use on their websites.

2000 Concert Highlights
These are highlights from the World AIDS Day concerts in 2000.

Concert 2002
This video features Alicia Keys, P. Diddy, Missy Elliot and others in their historic concerts to mark World AIDS day in 2002.

Because there is still no cure for HIV/AIDS, Staying Alive says that they can to protect people and make the world a better place for those living with HIV/AIDS. So in addition to the very informative and very entertaining videos they have the following major sections to their web site:

Believing that "Knowledge is the key weapon in stopping the spread of HIV and AIDS" Staying Alive provides the following sections with various information about:

- What are HIV & AIDS?
- How is HIV transmitted?
- Women and HIV/AIDS
- AIDS today
- Who gets AIDS?
- Getting tested for HIV
- Just got your results?
- Safer Sex
- How to use a condom
- Drug Use & HIV
- Not now (about waiting before having sex)
- Other STIs


At this section of the site they tell people how they can
- Become a Peer Educator
- Fight Discrimination
- Sign a Petition
- Link to us
- Downloads
- Jerusalem AIDS Project


Here they list 27 organizations (with links to their web sites) that provide information and assistance regarding HIV/AIDS

I would like to return to the awards that were given to your adults this year for their work in HIV/AIDS awareness. Awards were made globally, but I am only going to list the 21 young African adults who received awards. However, I strongly urge you to go to Staying Alive's awards page to read about all of the other awardees as well.

The African awardees are as follows (and I have just posted their text verbatim):

Hakima Djouadi (Algeria) - Hakima is a 23 year old actress and volunteer with AIDS ALGERIE, an organization that uses local theatre to teach how HIV and AIDS is transmitted and the methods of protection.

Mohammad El-Sheikh and Ahmed Malah (Egypt) - Mohammed is 23 and Ahmed is 20 and they are members of the Egyptian Family Planning Association school where they provide information on HIV and AIDS and train secondary students to coordinate efforts.

Elvis Donkoh (Ghana) - Elvis is 23 helps the Passion for Life Project train youth as community HIV and AIDS volunteers and to offer free VCT services.

Fredrick Ouka (Kenya) - Fredrick is 23 is a member of Kibera Community Youth Programme, an organization that use plays, poems, songs and dances that deliver HIV and AIDS education in an "edutaining" way to instill easy learning.

Gilbert Makanda Murasi (Kenya) - Gilbert is 23 and is a member of Talking Horn Theater Club, a community based organization that uses participatory theatre to educate youth and community members on HIV and AIDS and reproductive health.

Hanatu Bawa (Nigeria) - Hanatu is 24 and interprets HIV and AIDS interventions into local languages for uneducated women in the grass root as part of the Local Voices Project with Unique AIDS Control Organization.

Onyinye Ndubuisi (Nigeria) - Onyinye is 23 trains and builds the capacity of young people to protect themselves from HIV and AIDS using peer education for behavioural change. This is a program of the Economic and Social Empowerment of Rural Communities.

Kingsley Essomeonu (Nigeria) - Kinglsey is 24 and volunteers with YOUNGIES, a program that harnesses arts and creativity to remove/curb the stigma associated with HIV and AIDS as well as promote safe sex among youths.

Onyeka Geraldine Bako (Nigeria) - Onyyeka is 20 and working with Good Neighbour's Making A Change: Leadership through Sport initiative which trains football captains to lead and educate members of their club on HIV and AIDS.

Eunice Aghete (Nigeria) - Eunice is 20 and volunteers with Education Vaccine against AIDS (EVA) to mainstream HIV and AIDS information for the hearing impaired.

David Habba (Nigeria) - David is 17 and is working with local radio to establish a weekly phone in radio program campaign on HIV and AIDS. The show will be called Youth View and will be supported by the Jireh Foundation.

Ibiye Lawson (Nigeria) - Ibiye is 22 and volunteers with the Community Empowerment Initiative (COMET) to organize In-School/Community Peer Health training on HIV and AIDS to develop more peer health educators

Musab Mahmmoud Fadi ElMula (Sudan) - Musab is 22 and is a student at El Gezira University where he trains students on HIV and AIDS prevention and how to start anti-AIDS clubs. It is a program if AIDS Effects and Dangers Awareness Society.

African Regional Youth Initiative (Tanzania) - Founded by Neema Mgana, African Regional Youth Initiative provides access to education for children residing in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia whose lives have been transformed as a result of their parent's dying as a result of HIV and AIDS.

Makoti Edwin (Tanzania) - Makoti is 21 and working with Africa Alive to organize HIV and AIDS prevention programs among pupils in primary and secondary schools.

Sewa Kwami Fumey (Togo) - Sewa is 23 and volunteers with Volunteers without Borders as part Ray of Hope, a program that uses music and sports as a vehicle for HIV and AIDS prevention.

Student Partnership Worldwide (Uganda) - Student Partnership Worldwide's Health Education Program recruits, trains and supports Ugandan peer educators enabling 45,000 rural youth to receive sustained, comprehensive HIV and AIDS prevention programs they would otherwise not be able to access.

Masembe Paddy (Uganda) - Masembe is 23 and started the Uganda Network of young People Living with HIV AND AIDS AND AIDS. UNYPA equips young people living with HIV and AIDS with appropriate information on nutrition, positive living and management, sexual reproductive health and rights guidance.

Simui Adam (Zambia) - Simui is 22 and strengthens HIV and AIDS activities in high schools through the Sepo Centre's School without Walls program.

Bernard Mwansa Chindoloma (Zambia) - Bernard is 20 and is with Challenge International Ministry he leads community group discussions on HIV and AIDS prevention.

Belinda Ngwadzai (Zimbabwe) - Belinda is 21 and working with the International Video Fair Trust to educate communities on HIV and AIDS, teenage sex and pregnancy and gender issues through the use of videos to audiences who have no access to mainstream media.

These and the other awardees can be found at the Staying-Alive Foundation Award Winners

Well, I am way over my 1000 word self imposed limit, but I do not want to end the article with out mentioning the generous partners who make Staying Alive possible.

Family Health International (FHI)
The Henry Kaiser Family Foundation
The World Bank
Youth Peer Education Network (Y-Peer)
Sida of Sweden
United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
The UK Department For International Development (DFID)


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