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COMPUTERS FOR DEVELOPMENT: An Impressive Organization

On its web site Computers For Development states that it is "a Dutch based foundation aimed at promoting the use of refurbished computers and other hardware for sustainable development through the use of ICT in education."

Computers For Development is reaching its aims by reusing PC's and other computer hardware (monitors, laptops, printers, modems, etc) that are provided by their donors. They collect the computers, clean the hard disks using certified software and they test the hardware, and configure it according to the requirements of the end-users in the countries where we operate.

The computers are then shipped to their destination country / region by ship or air freight, and then distributed. The organization ascertains that the computers are delivered to the correct location, where they are installed, and incorporated in a support and maintenance program to ensure their practical usage and sustainability.

Before the computers are delivered to the schools or other recipient organizations, a needs assessment check is done. This assessment can be accomplished in pat because the application organization fills out a request form that includes an assessment of the security situation on site.

The main objectives of Computers For Development are: to share the technology of rich western countries with people in the least developed countries. And also to foster development through ICT, and create networks that help people help themselves. The specifics of accomplishing these goals by:

Making hardware available

Providing IT training for both students and teachers

Sharing IT knowledge and skills

Building communities and networks of people for learning and development

Maintenance and sustainability of the implemented solutions

As reported on their web site, Computers For Development has partnered with the following IT partners for the projects listed below:

Computers for Schools Kenya
During the past few years, Computers for Schools Kenya has supplied and installed over 1000 PC's at 50 Secondary Schools in Kenya. Another 150 Secondary Schools have also applied to participate. CFSK not only provides the installation of PC's, but also hardware and software maintenance, and provides IT related teaching programs to schools. CFSK is currently working together with the Kenyan Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on an ICT policy within education. CFSK is also starting up initiatives for schools in a number of other African countries, e.g. Uganda, Rwanda, Sierra Leone.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania
The project is part of ELCT Managed Health Care and Mission for Essential Medical Supplies. The project is aimed at improving the utilization of information in hospitals in Tanzania.

To Be Worldwide
Stichting To Be Worldwide is an organization that develops sustainable educational facilities, such as libraries and activity centers, complementary to existing school systems in developing countries. More

Sankofa ICT Project's main objective is to contribute to the reduction of the existing gap in the area of ICT in Ghana with the rest of the world. "It is also our intention to stimulate existing initiatives making the ICT-facilities accessible and affordable for everyone. By doing this we create the awareness and understanding in the schools and local communities" Sankofa quotes.

Medical Missions-Pacific Rim Group of Lions International
This organization supplies hearing aids to profoundly deaf children, most enrolled in sign language schools, throughout the Philippines. Thanks to these aids, the children are able to follow education in special schools. To help prepare children for an independent life, ICT education in schools is one of the attention points.

A more complete list of their partners and links to their web sites can be found at the following web page:
Partners of Computers For Development

Computers for Schools Kenya

Cordaid (Memisa - Mensen in Nood - Vastenaktie)

Computers for Schools / Ordinateurs pour les écoles Canada

International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications

To Be Worldwide


Wilde Ganzen

ELCT (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania)

Soroptimist International

Groepering Computeronderwijs Kameroen


Equal Opportunities for All Foundation (EOAF)

Auberge de Kieviet

Floris de Langen, Logicrafts


Computer Migrations Europe

Lions Club Voorburg Prinses Marianne


Wings of Support

In addition to their partners, Computers For Development has an impressive list of donors. Links to these donors can be found at:
Computers For Development Donors

Stage Holding - The International Entertainment Group
Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions, Leidschendam
Kender Thijssen, Veenendaal
LeaseTrading, Heemstede
Telindus, Belgium
Teekens Karstens Advocaten en Notarissen, Leiden
Sawadee Reizen, Amsterdam
Dopharma, Raamsdonkveer
Van den Boogaart Personeelszaken, Gouda
Samenwerkingsschool Balans, The Hague
YPC, Wassenaar
Samsung Electronics Europe Logistics, Delft
Sturkenboom Partners, De Bilt
Autobedrijf Roothans, Leende
Johnson Polymer, Nijehaske
Celerant Consulting, Amsterdam
Voerman International, The Hague
wonenCentraal, Alphen aan den Rijn
Bon Chassé, Tiel
Autobedrijf Maasland, Voorburg
Sjöcrona o Van Stigt Advocates, The Hague
3i Europe plc Benelux, Amsterdam
Save the Children Nederland, The Hague
CIP (Computer Information Products), Bleiswijk
InformStrategy, Amersfoort
Copharm-Maquet, Baambrugge
ATP, Schiphol-Rijk
Mercy Ships, Rotterdam
Monitor Group, Amsterdam
Cerebraal - Activiteitencentrum Sparring, Den Haag
Bosch Nederland
Research voor Beleid, Leiden
Van Lansberge Public Affairs, Den Haag
Financial Future Planners, Wassenaar
Inter-Ring, Venlo
Witlox Advies, Rosmalen
Bentley Systems, Hoofddorp
AllSolutions, Woerden
Hudson, Amsterdam
SThree, Amsterdam/Brussel
Fasting & Co, Den Haag
Scope CRM Software, Amsterdam
Van Dusseldorp, Amsterdam

Whether you are considering donating computers, looking for someone to donate computers to your organization, or just want to see how a computer donor organization is structured, the web site for Computers For Development is worth the time to visit for a look at an impressive Organization.

Computers For Development

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