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Grant Proposals for NGO Funding

The material below was written by Hari Srinivas for the NGO Cafe and was taken by the Bazaar taken from the web pages of THE GLOBAL DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH CENTER whose web address is listed below. I have added emphasis to certain words, which I hope the original author does not mind.

The NGO Cafe sits in the middle - between funding organizations on hand, and NGOs seeking funds on the other. While it has not itself disbursed funds, The NGO Cafe as learnt a number of lessons on the way. Here are some working strategies for successful proposal writing, written in no particular order:

Building credibility goes a long way in getting that grant. Use your board members and advisors to 'advertise' your proposal (and set up an advisory board if you don't have one already!).

Funding organizations work in grant cycles, disbursing grants one to three times a year. So, if you fail for the current grant, you can always apply for the next round.

It is important that the requested budget is within the limits of the funding organization's limits. Check their annual reports or similar documents to see the average size of funding made available.

Make sure to write a proposal that is within the limits of your organization's capacities and competencies. And within the limits of the budget requested.

Make sure you have clearly outlined exactly what is intended - do not use grand language without the substantial details of the exact impact that is intended, or benefits for the target groups. Ask friends and advisors to check the proposal.

Make sure you have fully studied and understood the priorities of the funding organization, and the reasons they are providing funds.

Many times, key wordings and well articulated proposals help convince the funders of its viability and impact. Again, link it strongly to the priorities of the funding organization, but don't quote it verbatim!

Most funding organization have clear guidelines, instructions and guides on their funding procedures. Many times they are targeted at a particular group, for a particular purpose or a region.

Since many organizations apply for funding make sure your proposal and application form is correct in all respects and follows the procedures properly.

Ultimately, no funding organization want to see a dependency on external funds for the success of a project. Clearly outline how self-sufficiency will be built using a long-term strategy, which goes beyond the time frames of the proposal being made.

Successful Proposals: Some working strategies - By: Hari SrinivasWriting



MASCUDA said...

I belong to an NGO in the NW Province in cameroon called MASCUDA,meaning Manji socio-cultural Developmental Association.We are located at the NW Province of cameroon.
At hand,we have a project to generate pipe born water to many parts of the bafut community.We have thus written to know if we can be assisted by you.
we are kindly waiting on your reply.get us using

favour said...

We are an NGO situated in the SouthWest of Nigeria,we advocate for understanding the problem faced by women, vaulnerable children,and youth that are affected by social distress to live quality life. Presently we are planning to organize a program on youth empowerment. We want to train our youth on different vocations and give them financial surport to utilize what they gain from the training, that is buying equipment to give them a proffitable employment and make them responssible in the community. Because most of our youth in Nigeria of today are jobless. We are now written to know if this can be assisted by you and if no, we will appreciate you if you can give us the activities you suport.
We will appreciate your response through this address:

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


kenyan skill uplifting project said...

I belong to an NGO in Kenya.We operate in two provinces
We support orphans and Vulnerable children to be able to remain at school and improve their academic performance just like their non-orphans counterparts.We provide food,clthing, educational materials.
The purpose of this letter is to rquest you to link us with any doner who can assist in this our programe.
We kindly waiting your response.

Anonymous said...

I belong to an NGO (Bayelsa Youth Reformation Movement) located in Bayelsa state in the southern end of Nigeria.our effort is chanelled towards re-orientating and empowering the under priviledge youths of the Niger Delta in the state'having poor Educational attention and very low infrastructural developement with skills to make them Employable and computer literacy to enable them access infomation for self empowerment, aswell as plans to build and renovate classrooms,teachers lodge,health care facilities and other facilities at the villages in order to attract teachers an pupils to school at the interiors to foster Educational growth in the region.all these to encourage youths to shun violence,vadalisation of petrolieum installations,millitancy activities as well as armed crimes in order to mentain peace and sustainable Development.we ve achieved little success due to funding can reach using

rosina teye said...

Am a c.e.o of dolly foundation, Ghana. we are women led organisation. currently we have membership of women , children and youth.
human right
adult education
micro finace
art and culture
poverty eradication
community sustainable development
small business
vocational training
family planning
youth forum
to give appropriate health care and counselling to individual
to enpower women and girls economically through income generating activities.
to investigate ,unearth and spell out the basic needs of women and chlidren
to encourage and support girls achieve basic and formal education.

upon research conducted by our organization , we found out that government of Ghana has introduce computer training into the curriculum of student.
we consider this as a major problem our rural a student aer facing , since they do not have access to computers. unfortunately these student and the urban student who have acess to computers will sit for the same ICT exams at the end of their academic year. we write to any organisation to support us raise money for the procuring of computers tothese disadvantage and under privileded school children.
organization can also donate computers to us. we are having ou tax exemptio, so if donation of computer come , we could clear it.
our call for support is very urgent since the final year student will write their final examination on next year Apirl 2011.
all enable organisation shoule please come to our aid. these programe is recognised by our district social walfare.
thank you
person to be contacted
+233273764195 AND =233200930041

Anonymous said...

I belong to an NGO situate at Umuahia in Abia State, South East Nigeria.
The name ofn the NGO is Fortunes Educational Concept. Our objectives are:
(i) to offer tutorials to pupils of public primary schools and candidates seeking to write GCE from public Secondary schools.
(ii) to encouirage indigent pupils and student to afford basic education.
(iii) to reduce the menance of exam malpractices among Nigerian studen
ts by giving supplementary and qualitative tutorials to students.
(iv) to groom a future generation of true professionals and academics by giving qualitative lectures to students from neglected public schools.
(v) to aid in the reduction of school drop outs amonf youths.

Contact us through:
Tel: +23485142047.

Anonymous said...

my name is jane Sichone i work for an NGO,which helps out the most vulnerable children and children with special needs we provide education for them which is inclusive the so called normal and children with special needs learn together under one roof.we also provide free physiotherapy to the disabled chidren.and give loans to the parents of the disabled and the disabled themselves,our offices are right in the compound and we have about 450 chidren disabled and normal.your positive response will highly be appreciated.get in touch with me on 0977 100710 or email box Jane Sichone Africa Call organisation p.o Box 38772 Lusaka Zambia.thanks

milanokumbo sports academy said...

Dear Sir/Madame,
The MilanoKumbo Sports Academy is an Association of sports lovers created in 2005 in Kumbo, Cameroon - Central Africa, by Prefectoral order No E26/PS/118/220MDS of the 07/12/2005.
We are duly authorized and recognized by Minister of Sports and Physical Education of Cameroon through his Decision No 018/A/MINSEP/SG/CJ of the 24/10/2006 and work under the supervision of the Divisional Delegations of sports, education, health, the Cameroon Athletics Federation, the Cameroon Football Federation and other federations.
The aim of this organization is to use Sports in order to attain the Millennium development goals. We use sports in an innovative way to fight against HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, fight against crime and drug abuse which is a very common thing in our region, fight against youth unemployment, protect the environment and also use sports to give young people a chance in life. We also scout for talents in athletics, soccer, basketball, Handball and table tennis, etc. and try to give them a professional touch.
We are thus soliciting assistance in form of volunteer coaches in the various disciplines, sports equipment as well as financing for the construction of the Academy and other projects which are all indispensable with regard to the empowerment of young people. Since our activities are ongoing, this support shall be useful at any time convenient to your organization.

chandra said...

Hats off to Hari Srinivas !
Proposal Sample