Friday, May 04, 2007 a Project of Stakeholder Democracy Network is a project of Stakeholder Democracy Network and says that it is independent of all governments and political parties. It also states that its aims are to:
Bringing together online journals by election monitors, human rights defenders, independent journalists and analysts, will:
· Give a voice to defenders of democracy in Nigeria, and their supporters
· Be as a platform for independent monitors of elections in Nigeria to keep blogs, from at least April 2007 till local government elections (scheduled for 2008)
· Collect analysis and discourse about the elections, and provide a running commentary on them
· Use social networking tools and the power of the web to get people talking and thinking about the elections and democracy in Nigeria
Bloggers on the site have been invited to write for, some anonymously for security reasons.
If you would like to contact, their email is

Stakeholder Democracy Network

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