Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Great Read by AfricaFiles’ “At Issue Ezine”

Most of the readers of this blog are probably familiar with AfricaFiles . And for those of you who are not, “AfricaFiles” as it states on its own website, “is a network of volunteers committed to promoting African perspectives and alternative analyses for human rights and economic justice in Africa.”

One of AfricaFiles’s projects is the “At Issue Ezine .” The purpose of At Issue it “to publish well-researched, provocative and insightful original articles on important current themes in sub-Saharan Africa.” While At Issue was launched in February 2005 it has “roots” that go back through other publications for several years. The At Issue Editorial Committee of AfricaFiles, was the core group that got the ball rolling in 2005.

The Toronto Committee for the Liberation of Southern Africa ’s newsletter entitled the “TCLSAC Report ” that was published from 1977 to 1984 was the oldest of the publications from which At Issue began to evolve. In 1985, and for the following 15 years, TCLSAC published the “Southern Africa Report” (SAR) that was a full hard copy magazine, which replaced the TCLSAC Report. When TCLSAC published its last issue of SAR in October of 2000 it was replaced with the AfricaFiles website.

In May of 2003 “At Issue Forum ” a section of AfricaFiles began publishing original timely articles and formed an electronically based bridge back to the previous publications such as SAR. The editors of At Issue Ezine operate as a collective of volunteers and they have no paid staff. In 2004, the editors began work to launch a “proper ezine” and At Issue Ezine rolled out in 2005. “

In its seventh volume, At Issue Ezine is focusing on the ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT OF AFRICAN WOMEN and the volume will be published from January through April of 2008. The first article, an editorial by Anene Ejikeme Anene Ejikeme: "LET THE WOMEN SPEAK! AND LISTEN" is already posted and can be found at: http://www.africafiles.org/atissueezine.asp . This blogger thinks that "LET THE WOMEN SPEAK! AND LISTEN" is a well thought out and well written editorial that deserves widespread readership. And if it is an indication of things to come, Volume Seven of At Issue Ezine will provide a good deal of worthwhile reading this winter and into the coming spring. In fact, you may wish to browse the archives of AfricaFiles and At Issue Ezine for other very informative articles as well.


At Issue Ezine


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