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Many NGOs are constantly looking for assistance to help them carry out the numerous and varied tasks necessary to accomplish their charitable goals. Quite often skilled volunteer help can not be found nearby – particularly in rural areas. One answer to this dilemma is to enlist the aid of Online Volunteers. I have written about online volunteering in the past and now I would like to pass along some tips from the United Nations Online Volunteering service that can help NGO decide if the United Nations Online Volunteering service is for them. The United Nations Online Volunteering service can be found at the end of this post.

O nline Volunteers undertake a variety of assignments for development organizations through this Online Volunteering service: translations, research, web design, data analysis, database construction, proposal writing, editing articles, online mentoring, publication design, moderating an online discussion group, or any other services that can be done through computer networks.

Online Volunteering provides development organizations with new volunteers, new and additional talent and skills, and a more diverse volunteer-base. It can also help promote your organization and its mission to a much broader audience. United Nations Online Volunteering service See the benefits of online volunteering .

This Online Volunteering service is unique in that it provides not only the largest database of Online Volunteering opportunities, but is also the only web site and matching service devoted to Online Volunteering to support the work of development organizations worldwide.

Who can host Online Volunteers via this service?
Any non-profit organizations actively working in or for developing countries. The first step is that you will need to join and then register your organization as a Group. Once your organization has been approved, you will be able to post Online Volunteering assignments.

Before you start posting assignments, make sure you are ready to host an Online Volunteer!
There are lots of preparations to make before you begin recruiting Online Volunteers. Make sure your organization is Ready to Host Online Volunteers. This evaluation can help you put the systems in place to get Online Volunteers in action for your organization right away!

Examples of Assignments
What can Online Volunteers do for your organization? Find ideas on the Examples of Assignments page, or by browsing through the list of currently open Online Volunteering opportunities posted by other organizations.

Basics: Recruiting and Involving an Online Volunteer
After your organization has registered, what's next? We offer complete details on how your organization can create Online Volunteering assignments, how your organization will receive applications, how to respond to candidates, how to orient new Online Volunteers into your organization, and the role the UN Volunteers program plays after you recruit an Online Volunteer.

How do you manage Online Volunteers?
There are many simple things you can do to ensure success in your involvement of Online Volunteers. Our service offers a growing list of suggestions and guidelines to help.

What about security and privacy?
We offer tips on how to ensure security and privacy in your interactions with Online Volunteers, for both your organization and individual volunteers. Also, be aware that there are fixed regulations about handling personal data, anti-virus software, etc., that both you and your Online Volunteer have to agree upon.

United Nations Online Volunteering service information for Hosting Organizations

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