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The following information was taken from the LUKMEF web site which has several additional pages with more information about the organization

LUKMEF-Cameroon (Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation -Cameroon) is an NGO legalized in Cameroon since 1999. LUKMEF’s mission is to promote peace, nonviolence, social justice and sustainable development in Cameroon.

The organization is managed through an independent Board of Directors (from Australia, Holland, Germany, USA and Cameroon) that meets once every year (November). The day-to-day activities of the organization are run by an administrative team headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) assisted by three Directors of Programs (DP-Peace/Nonviolence, DP-Social Justice, and DP-Sustainable Development). Each project is headed by a project director drawn from the staff.

The organization works with 7 permanent staff, part-time and volunteers (nationals and expatriates). Additional project staff are recruited on contract basis during the life cycle of each project.

Track Records
Since 1999 the organization has supported 3729 youth in job training in varying domains. And up to 61.3% of trained youth gain jobs or start small businesses after the trainings. The organization has also carried out a wide range of other peace and development programs such as: the inter ethnic dialogue programs, organizational networking and capacity building, Micro-Grants for Income generating activities for rural women, the first women’s conference on HIV/AIDS, the HIV/AIDS Rights Watch Group to provide pro-bono legal assistance to HIV infected persons, The Resource Centre, Base-line studies, project monitoring and Evaluation including the Abuja 15%, NACC, UNGASS DOC etc. For networking and resource sharing, the organization partners with many local organizations and has organized a wide range of capacity building programs (project writing, project management, Reporting, Human Resource Management, community project design methodology, etc). The organization has supported a number of rural projects such as; bridges, community centers, and environmental conservation. It has also taken part in many regional and international conferences including UN review meetings. The organization is a member of many national and international networks and activists groups in its domains of operation. We provide consultancy services to other agencies and NGOs in Cameroon. Though the organization’s activities touch the general population, we put a lot of attention to problems faced by women and the girl child.

Working Languages
The working languages of the organization are English and French.

These programs and projects are being realized thanks to the financial and technical support of national and international organizations such as Action Aid-International, CARE-International, UNAIDS, US Embassy, British Council, Limbe City Councils, SONARA, Apara Family Fund, Global Action to Prevent War, Rotary Club of CT, Peace Centre (Columbus university USA), Peace through Dialogue Inc.

How LUKMEF Expenses are Allocated
Administrative Costs = 9.5%
Program Activities = 90.5%

Contact Addresses
P.O. Box 1348, Limbe
SW Province
Tel: +237-
E-mail: Contact Person

Tanyi Christian E.
President / CEO
Tel: +237-


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